All Citizens

A Place for All Citizens


All Citizens was an event and community space founded in 2007 by artists Tyler Brett and Serena McCarroll. The shop was originally located in the tiny Saskatchewan town of Bruno, population 600(ish). The Bruno location closed in March 2011.

The concept behind All Citizens – that of providing an inclusive showplace/marketplace for art items both rural and urban, traditional and contemporary – has expanded far beyond the walls that housed it. Serena and Tyler were asked to create art installations based on the shop's humble prairie-town origins and the ideas that support it for the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (2009) and for Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, Ontario (2010). They were also asked to be Broken Pencil magazine's artist-in-residence for issue 45.


The Book

The experiences and performances of All Citizens were captured in the book All Citizens, available for purchase from Conundrum Press, as well as other online retailers.


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